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Window Shopping :)


Egotistic Lips

Amber Rose was spotted all over the A well all over the clubs in Atlanta over the weekend and its reported she’s getting paid between 20-30 grand for guest appearances. Thats dope if u ask me especially being she was taking home a few hundred a night stripping and now she don’t even have to take her clothes off! Damn I can’t even hate cause as much as we all want too we would gladly take those stacks our damn self just to show up and look cute πŸ™‚ And smoke a pack a cigarettes and toss back some drinks! Welcome to the Gooddd liffeeeeee!!!!!

The Leather Football shoulders are Smoking!!!

Improper way to wear spandex, tights, camel toe pants,etc etc

It’s quite easy to understand why some chics just get tossed up and tossed around! Sweets might think their on the come up with the butt shots and video appearances and sure the rent gets paid at the end of the day but the character just gets demolished!! hmm whats more important these days?!? This chic Tahiry (most famous for dating Rapper Joe Budden) has a crazy backside no hate on that but truth be told this is not the proper way to display the goods 😦 Ewwwwww!!!

Celebrating Trey Songz 25th BirthdayΒ 501 Lounge in Monclair, NJ.

Egotistic Thangs!!

Ikea for the Holidays!!

I love Christmas decor. Such golden elegance πŸ™‚ The pine tree aroma, the stockings hung to be filled with cool arrangement of accessories, candy, and travel size items!! I think this year I’m gonna get creative with the idea of gift giving. Maybe not in a regular box with a bow but something like this…

Ikea has this amazing bow set up in a frame! How cute!!! Just makes me wanna gift give in frames πŸ™‚

you can’t forget about setting the table…

Feel free to add water into an artificial floral arrangement just makes the presentation even more convincing!!

I use to shop at Bo Concept until the recession hit and I’ve been eying this animal rug there which retailed for 1200.00 and I almost had a heart attack when I saw pretty much the same rug at Ikea for 1000.00 less and its actually bigger than the one that was at Bo Concept. See the lack of funds in the economy creates a sane sense of shopping lol

Grab your bows because someone is worth a treat this year!!!

and lastly for the new year to come don’t be afraid toooooo

Shoe Gasm : Balenciaga by Nicholas Ghesquiere

Hat Love Sis’s!!!

Love the head warmer’s Tia and Tamera are wearing to support brother Taj (I hope that this kids name lol) now that he’s switching gears & becoming a singer… Good luck!!

Black Friday!!

My youngest brother is in town visiting big sis for the first time ever in the big city and I’ve been a pretty good hostess giving him a dose of the city. We’ve been on the staten island ferry so he can see the best free view there is of the island from vantage point & the statue of liberty. He felt like a real tourist in Times Square taking a post card picture and for sure felt the soul in Harlem πŸ™‚ But one thing I wasn’t expecting was for him to ask to go to the Apple Store the multi media glass one next to Central Park on Black Friday…..

If you think it’s a recession think again!!!!

Extreme Egotism

Egotistic Mogul

Jay-Z attends the opening night party for “Fela!” on Broadway at Gotham Hall last night here in the city. I guess this Sinatra Character is really influencing his look πŸ™‚ in an egotistic way….

Jay-Z actually teamed up with Will & Jada Pinkett Smith by joining the producing team of the play. The Broadway musical is based on the life and music of African composer and performer Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

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