Yay I’m so happy that Toya ( Tiny & Toya) has went against stereotypes and statistics that are automatically given to women who are in serious relationships with entertainers & athletes. So many women and men make opinions about the women because truth be told the women are usually not in the spotlight to showcase their talent or their at home taking care of the children. When the man makes a certain income and can afford for the woman to stay home and raise the kids why the hell not?! Better that than some hoodlum poisoning the child during lunch break or some immigrant nanny who makes $2 hour who is already stressing to make ends meet for her rugrats at home! Women are frequently overshadowed and it leaves the men to look like the power rangers when its a team effort! With that said these days its necessary to be a SuperWoman because with money you can hire the $2 nanny to assist you so u can work on your own craft! It’s also super easy for the girlfriend or wife to get caught up in what the man is doing because she’s concerned about groupies but words of advice women and listen carefully:

Men will ALWAYS do what they want wether he’s a truck driver or a got damn doctor. Ass is always present so take a chill pill and sip some wine on your plush leather couch out of your crystal glass and enjoy your beautiful life with your family and friends 🙂 I said all this to commend Toya on prevailing from the stereotypes! Go girl as she rocks this statement tee she purchased from Kandi store “Tags”


and childdddddd God sent u a……. lets just say your blessed lol


Toya’s NFL baller boo James Hardy expressed his love for her on his twitter page :

That’s y u my lady @antoniacarter. I’ve must of been doing something right all these yrs 4 u to b sent to me and as u can c I needed u also

And he posted a pic of him sitting in freezing water for his pre-practice therapy yesterday morning:


Never let others perspective of you stop you from living! Women Power!!!!!



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