Personal Shopping

Today was a perfect day to run around the city in comfortable clothing, no immense amount of layers were needed to feel sustainable for running errands. I picked up a few chains for a necklace I’m making for a client and managed to personal shop in the process and as always to be inspired for future projects. I’m thinking outside the box with ways to have unique accessories and I found these metal circle hardware pieces to wear as bangles…


I discovered this amazing apparel store : FAME NY 512 7th Avenue which sales trendy quality clothing at bargain prices… this barney purple ruffles t-strap was only $32 original price $56


and I was heartbroken to try on this fab studded skirt for it to be too big! Sheesh I’m tiny lol


Omg and I’m sooooo Fringe Inspired by this Vintage Leather I spotted on a street rack!


Chop Chop comes a Leather 🙂

and I masked viewed for my Halloween Costume


and was fantasizing of being an Egotistic Bridesmaid in this metal dress lol



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