Superficial hmmmmm

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching which is part reason for me creating this site. But soul searching is something many of us may do and may not get ‘searched’ for results, or some of us don’t even know what is good or bad for the soul ,so they have no clue where to start! My beginning stages of venting online was about how I was searching for ‘whats next’ and feeding my mind, body, and soul  on what’s EGOTISTIC for me! In the process I have figured out exactly what I want to do with my career, relationship , and even friends, and now I’m at the act upon stage! Step one was being clear on where to start. I’ve been hanging out with different sets of friends. Some have more lucrative careers and the others don’t! Friends are Friends and I accept everyone in my life for who they are as long as it’s not SUPERFICIAL! We all want the best things in life its how you ACT when you have the finer things. This morning I realized I live in one SUPERFICIAL city and I asked GOD to please not allow me to fall victim to FAKE-NESS! To keep real people in my life, To guide my soul from crooks, and to stay humble! It’s so simple to get caught up in other people’s lives and living through them but the only shoes worth walking in are YOURS! You can’t live anyone else’s life and they can’t live yours! Many of us see what other people have and envy that when really with hard work you too can have the great pleasures of life! You should not have to feel great because Anna gave you a compliment! You should feel great because you looked in the mirror and LOVE what you see! More importantly you shouldn’t wait for Bob to take you on a date to convince yourself that you still have it! You should see that when you look in the Mirror! You see it first so why finish last with someone else’s compliments. I want! I expect! and I’m driven to have the finer things in life because its made for us to have for those that know how to get it but finer things in life are exactly that finer THINGS not CHARACTER!!! Things should not change who you are as a person otherwise you will be one hmmmm Superficial BITCH!!!


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