an Egotistic Night starter :)


To some this may be the way to end a night but being that I’m becoming obsessed with Vampires this recently has become my “night starters” soo frequently that I’ve lost track of days & time 🙂 Am I one lucky girl or the other party or parties involved just as lucky?!?! hmmmm 🙂

Bossip.Com on Ways to “Keep your bedroom Toasty”  🙂

1.) Share fruit – grab a bowl of grapes, strawberries and peaches … wine or champagne wouldn’t hurt either. Choose a fruit, say a strawberry, bite into it and lean in close to your man and have him share it with you. Any juices that drip make for good clean-up with your mouth.

2.) Mirror play- situate yourself in front of a mirror or place a full-length mirror in front of your guy while you give him some oral action. Tell him you want him to enjoy watching you. But the key is enthusiasm! Since you’re in front of the mirror, your body language should drip with excitement.

3.) Try for handcuffs or ties – having your man handcuff you to the bed is a complete relinquishment of power! The very idea that you are willing to allow him to do whatever he pleases with you is wild enough, but add some spice to it and request that he use your favorite vibrator on you … along with whatever he has planned.

4.) Make a movie – sort of. If you’re comfortable with recording your session, more power to you. Bring a camera into the bedroom and allow him to look at you through the lens while you undress, and if you’re bold enough, take it a step further and let him watch you masturbate through the camera.

5.) Back him into a corner – literally back yourself against him into a corner or wall so that he’s pinned. Slowly move your buns up and down his mid section. Tease him with your body and bend over in front of him and shoot him a “get me” glare from behind. Encourage him to grab and smack the cheeks as he would when he finally devours you.

6.) Use your heels – love your stilettos, ladies. Catch your man off guard and be waiting for him draped across the bed wearing nothing but … you guessed it … stilettos! Something about stilettos turns a man on but naked in stilettos means instantaneous arousal. So be ready for aggression and return the passion.

7.) Time-Out – winter goes hand in hand with sports and game nights. It’s hard enough to peel him away from the television for some attention, so don’t even try. Give him some head action while he’s watching the game. Most men can’t resist head, so take it! Get on your knees between his legs and take his pants off yourself. While he’s busy asking you what you’re doing, encourage him to be quiet and watch the game. You may have to wait until the game is over but he’ll be revved up for some action by night’s end.

8.) Phone sex – call him up when he’s on his way to you and tell him you’re about to explode and can’t wait for him. Explain how hot and bothered you are just thinking about him and all the things you want to do to him and him to you. Tell him you’ve already started and describe how you’re touching yourself as you speak. Moan and talk dirty as if he’s already there, so when he finally arrives, it’s going to be HOT.

9.) Warming lubes – get some tingly warming lubes to play with during your session. During foreplay, massage some onto his member and ask him to tell you what he wants you to do with it. But you have to be open to try new things and remember to show enthusiasm. Men have crazy, wild fantasies so be prepared for whatever.

10.) Challenge him- Men are natural competitors and love a challenge, so tell him to try and make you climax without penile penetration. Tell him how unsure you are that he can achieve such a task and tell him you’ll make it easy. Hand him the lubes and toys and get naked! Let him run the show and see what he comes up with to help you reach the Big O!

Happy Hibernating!



  1. I REALLY liked your post and blog! It took me a minute bit to find your site…but I bookmarked it. Would you mind if I posted a link back to your post?

  2. Of course, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink – bookmark this site? Regards, Reader

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