an EgotistiC World and slight PMS :)

I go through stages in my life when I accept everyones opinions and actually consider them and then I go through stages when I absolutely don’t give a F$$$ about what anybody has to say!! Why?!?! because I have my own creative thought process and no one is in my jugular to fixate what I’m thinking so why even bother explaining! See the thing is the world is filled with soooo many opinions but is it filled with Truth?!?! I had a conversation with my father today and he told me the only problem he had with me growing up is me cussing him out when I was younger and I spoke to my mom today and the only problem she said she had with me is my smart ass mouth, but see in my defense its called TRUTH! Not using my parents as examples but I’ve always been real to myself, real to those around me, and real to anyone who wanted a REAL opinion! So real that I’m calling all fake people ‘avatars’ like the got dayum characters you create on Xbox! I guess like the Wizard of Oz it takes walking the yellow brick road to get a heart, courage, and a brain! hmmmm if only we were all BORN with it! So may of us look for others for approval instead of searching our souls. No one should know u better than you know yourself but sometimes it takes others to tell you about yourself to put things into perspective! Dad also noted MJ’s song “Man in the mirror” in our conversation today and I applaud him for his many character reflections. If you can’t look at yourself and be proud of the person you are your not an Egotistic Chic or Chico! And if you aren’t proud of yourself then you need to fix whatever it is that your not proud of because at the end of the day you MUST live with yourself and If u can’t live with yourself your not living! So the moral of the story is if your an Egotistic person live in your Egotistic World by your Egotistic Rules and if nobody’s on your team it makes you a better player and you’ll Egotistically come out on top and Egotistically F$$$ everyone who don’t agree with your Egotistic Opinions!!!!!!!!

P.S. A slight PMS is in effect 🙂 But symptoms of womanhood or not I’m still an Egotistic B$$$$


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