she’sss baccckkkk!!!

There’s nothing better than taking a brief Egotistic Departure and coming back a better EGOTISTIC BITCH!!! I was posted up in the A for the last 2 weeks & its the first time I’ve stayed as long since I’ve moved to the city of dreams. Time flies when your on the grind so my empire state of mind has kept me on the progress of making my dreams reality so it made me have one hellllaaavvvaaa time with my closest peeps while on chill in Atlanta. I enjoyed doing the most simplest things like laughing at my grandma asking me ‘why does my lingerie have soo many bows on them?!?’ while she was doing my laundry lol I said ‘Grandma bows are in’ , or feeling like the black ‘Kardashians’ because for the first time in years me and my siblings were all together to celebrate my younger sister’s engagement in which she had a Hawaiin Luau at her fiance parents home.


I made a special flower for me and my two younger sisters to emphasize us being made of honors πŸ™‚


and I can’t believe I pulled them off with a little bit of M.A.C makeup


and the finished product looked so Egotistic arching our beautiful faces πŸ™‚


Sisterhood is something Special!!!

and so is loyalty to your friends & family! It was amazing to reconnect with friends I had not seen since high school and witnessing the great progress we ALL made! Nothing beats sharing experiences with people who know you best and who genuinely cherish the loVe u have as friends. We talked about how I made a bra out of skittles for a best friend years ago for a fashion show & how I use to tack everything together with hot glue sticks. WOW I have come along way LOL. I have made progress & thats the beauty of home because the heart smiles even when your not πŸ™‚ just from having unconditional love around! I promised them ALL that when my name is in print I will make sure to include them in my endeavors! Fame is something many of us want but something we all can’t handle but the bright lights have had a flare for me for years and as long as my HeArT is with my HoMe I’m gonna make it to the top with ease. I love you All for making my time in the A a memorable experience and like many others that we have had I will never forget them or YOU! Love u,




  1. Safiya abdullah Said:

    Awwwweee we love you too nicole much sucess youre stuck back in my life now !!!!!

  2. robyn Said:

    So I guess I would be “Khloe” checking in lol. This is a great post, glad you are able to remain grounded. Sisterhood is a beautiful thing and it was def a nice change of pace to spend some real QT with ya during these past 2 wks. Had fun and hopefully next time i see ya it will be in your neck of the woods : )

  3. Jilliann Said:

    Awwwww shortness, miss u already!! I was just telling Tan I got used to Dupree. Enjoyed kicken like old times. It never ceases to amaze me that we can still chill and have a good time. I tell ya, good and REAL friends are hard to come by these days. I’ll get those pics posted ASAP. Love ya lots hun!!

  4. Mimi Princess Said:

    I’m mad that I didn’t get to stay longer and party with you. I enjoyed the time we did have. You and your crew were so much fun. Gotta do it right next time. Can’t wait to come up!

    With Much Love,

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