an egotistic DONT!

Wow does a break up really get to women when the break up happens to be a super producer?!? Like Seriously why is Kanye’s ex Alexis Phifer looking a ratty mess?!? WTF?!?!


Woman do you not know who his current girl is?!? Dude the public has not seen you since u were last seen with Kanye now all of a sudden you wanna get out hmmmm and U chose to leave the crib looking like this 😦 Words of wisdom : When you are no longer with your man and you decide to go out knowing pictures of you are going to be taken (which I’m sure is your intention) then your suppose to make the man WISH he still had you by looking SUPER KILLER!!! not like a SERIAL KILLER LMAAOOO


and his current banger


Damn son there’s nothing worse than the new chic killing the old one something major! I could name another super producer who is in the exact same boat! Old chic has nothing on the new one!!! and it’s not even ALL about looks but image is everything in this industry and most industry men want their chic to stay fly. Fly is feeling great from the soul and when you feel amazing on the inside it speaks volumes in your wardrobe. Now sexy is something that can’t be taught! It’s a natural essence. It’s alluring.. its enticing but if you can be a FLY SEXY BICTH then Bitch your Egotistic! Follow my lead peeps and you too can be!

I think I just got throw up in my mouth looking at the top picture of Alexis again 😦 

and here are the two at same event 


Alexis is working it much better in this image. Partly because she covered up that head but the hat woman has to go! Amber is silently killing her even with the smirk. Damn!


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