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can’t wait to watch

I gotta admit I am a fan of the ‘kardashian girls’ maybe it’s the style hmmmm maybe it’s their love lives hmmmm maybe i just think their pretty cute cool chics based on what E has done for their image and now that ALL the girls are single Khloe and Kourtney should have a blast living it up in Miami. I bet Kim wish she was in on the fun now that her and Reggie are no longer together 😦 well at least for now!


Herve Leger Kills it Again!!








gotta love it!

Egotistic Peeps Rock Out with other Egotistic Peeps and you

ComPlimenT each Other!



GinGer from Casino swag


minney mouse has entered the building@


beyonce and her damn dereon ads lol

Just kidding love this chic and I guess i gotta love anybody that goes HaRd for their own shit. Better yours than somebody else’s right?!?!


It’s actually much cuter than the evening gown one’s 🙂 


    Yo somebody spray a hose on this chic cause her shoes are on fire and I mean burning with this damn outfit. Your suppose to BLAZE not BURN silly child! People NEVER and I am saying NEVER although your not suppose to say Never okay I’ll say EVER wear gold shoes and a silver skirt. Major fashion suicide!!! Child you just hung yourself 😦 somebody rescue herrrrrr!!!!!!!


egotistic attituDe!

I don’t know too many chics that can actually pull off walking around in their stage performance attire when it consist of nothing but bloomer & a bra and rock it like it’s totally Normal to do 🙂 Must be possessed with a dose of Egotism 🙂

LadY Ga Ga

EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga Leaving Her Concert In Hamburg (USA AND OZ

damn I need some GatOraDe!!

Vibe Magazine paid tribute to Cw’s finale of “The Game’ by having a handful of todays generation of sexy athletes paired with R& B singers to contribute to an Egotistic Spread! 


Kerry Rhodes , Adrienne Bailon, & Devin Thomas are my fave from the Group! She so Egotistic in this pic homegirl needed two dudes to hold her down. Not mad at cha chica 🙂


Darren Sharper & Melanie Fiona


Will Demps & Letoya Luckett (egotistic apparel )


Osi Umenyiora & Crisette Michelle (no comment on her attire)


JLo turns 40 …..

And still looks MAJOR!!!!!! True Leo Style! Between her, madonna,  halle, Whitney, Coco Chanel.. holding down the Lioness Stats pretty damn well I think my future might be aight! something bout those damn Leo’s 🙂 



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