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egotistic looks

Ci Ci & Lil Mama





what do you stand for when you are naked?

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror not to put on make-up or to shave but to fully examine yourself? Not to examine your outer physical appearance but your inner soul? Have you tapped into your mind and spirit and formulated what you as that individual stands for from seeing your reflection. Do you pinch up at the thought of who you really are or do smile confidently embracing the image that appears? Too many people play dress up to overshadow what really lies beneath. Do you know who you are? Do you know your destiny in life? Can you rest at night with a clear conscious or are you afraid karma will catch up to you? It’s extremely important to be ReAL with yourself and that’s asking yourself “What you stand for naked?!?!?!

lookin swweeet :)


B.E.T Awards Fashion Wrap Up

Ladies you look great! I see the sequins were out!


Keri’s dress was fab. Would’ve made a more dramatic impression if it was slightly shorter and the blacl pumps look horrible. Cmon of all the colors in this dress you chose black pumps. Such a bore!

kerihilson11teiarramariecici1lala113letoyallllEgotistic Dress Letoya but what’s up with the shoe choice?!?! Fabulous shoe just not Fab with this dress. 


egotistic spread



enchanting editorialll


a TriBute with PhoTos……..

May God be with you……


A Shecky’s Day



Yesterday the girls & I attended a “Girls Night Out” shopping extravaganza held at the Puck Building in Soho to showcase amazing artists custom clothing and accessories. And to top off having such eclectic items to chose from we were able to shop and sip 🙂 Yes!, their were amazing complimentary cocktails and sparking wine to make such an occasion more exciting with the GiRLs. We had a blast gathering product knowledge and being exposed to such great talent. Great networking plus shopping and drinking equals a day well spent!


The bags above are so great for a rock star night out on the town & below is a beautiful floral display which totally has me inspired to create. So sexy!


I really loved how the next artist displayed her jewelry in cases with black coffee beans. Such a creative idea which made the collection PoP. The horns were a raw element added to the combination and the white hoops were made from house-hold hardware. Genius idea such a unique piece to have for the summer against sun-kissed skin 🙂 


The last set is just pure bliss. The jewels were enticingly radiant. 


eVa got the MeMo……

thats she’s much kiLLer with short hair 🙂


pleasure p and tamera gets cozzyyy

for his upcoming video for his single “Under”

Pleasure PPleasure PPleasure P



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