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Sexy Basics


*An event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future.

*The fixed order of things;invisible necessity.

*A resistless power or agency conceived of as determining the future

*That to which any person or thing is destined

Tank Buzzzzzz

Tanks are always a certified answer to looking sexy for the day. Finding the right one can be tricky. It has to drape and lay well to the torso, otherwise the sex appeal is gone.

Kate Moss:ToP ShoP

Top Shop finally makes it to the NY. Their accessories are the best and you can’t leave the store without adding a piece of the Kate Moss Collection to your Collection 🙂



Project RUNWAY



Do you have what it takes to be the next hot fashion designer?

Always dreamed of showing your work on the runways of 
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Check out

Glove Lovin

I know its Spring and in some places it feels like Summer but I LoVe these Python finger keepers LOL

nmd9265_mtThey would be super cute cut right at the tips of the fingers to give that biker-chic look! Now that can be RoCkeD now 🙂

DRaMaTiC NeCklines

HeeLs are Intimidating

Today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I wanted to enjoy my Spring Sunny Saturday looking cute 🙂 Face was Beat! Mani/Pedi Check! Every hair in place with a super shiny glow! I’m totally feeling the BLaCk! Its sooo RadianT! Love the shine! My boo even went to pick himself up a pair of them FReSH JAys and brought me back a cute mixed with GanStA Crooks & Castles tee 🙂 I threw it on with my Betsey Johnson metal bow belt and my cargos. Gotta let the body breathe! And who makes better sunglasses than ‘Tom Ford?’. When I got to the shoes I insisted I was going to wear my platforms to give me lift in the cargos. Nope! That wasn’t happening. The city was packed today! Everyone either drove in or drove out! No cabs! I had to flat it out with the spare Chanel flip flops I had in my handbag 😦 Too many people to even dress up. I was gonna get nowhere fast! I guess the moral of this story is to always carry flats 🙂


I remember the billboard that was posted in the movie theater awhile ago to promote the upcoming documentary of “Tyson”. It was a story that I looked forward to see and was extremely anxious to tap into the mind of this man. I saw it today and NOTHING surprised me in this film. It was well put together from beginning to end and I really appreciated the RAW HONESTY  from Tyson. He completely poured out all emotions and seemed to hold nothing back when speaking on his past and the state of his future. I can appreciate how Genuine he and the film was. My general perspective of his life is overall summed as ‘SaD’. To make such a HuGe impression on the World and for him personally to be so lonely at the end of the day kinda hurts 😦 We all have our each individual life and sometimes it goes places unexpected! How you act upon your destiny is all in your hands!!!! Cool Film! The after-effect was so thought driven that afterwards in dedication to ‘appreciation on ones own life’, I had to come home and puff one on the RoofTop! A great amenity 🙂

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