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Egotistic Look


Body Odor

Have you ever looked at somebody and instantly got the ‘screw face’ because they look like they stink. That’s the face I get every time I see this chic.

e862fbf9Her facial expressions actually don’t add to the perception. She set herself up to be criticized in this shoot. How you gone wear a bandeau top and not fill the shit up? Not sexy mama! Next time give an illusion and try Charmin 🙂 And chics wanna know why they flop…..Cause a StaR would know this isn’t a good look! 

And this one………..

29462PCN_BanksDude!!!!!! Where does your millions go?! Damn sure not on wardrobe. She kills me! The ankles are waaayyyyy toooo skinny for this look! Actually her ankles compared to the rest of her body is waayyy to skinny for a lot of looks!! Child you need help!

Extraordinary Talent

Last night my homey lover friend and I watched some really cool home videos of Micheal Jackson and the entire Jackson Fam. It’s always great to gain your own perspective of individuals versus being vulnerable to how the media portrays such great talent. It was an extreme delight viewing the footage because they ranged from early childhood to now and Micheal himself was narrating all the videos. There were so many and we watched them ALL! It was super fun because me and my babe enjoyed the videos for the same reasons. We could relate to the ‘inner genius’ inside of the entire Jackson family. We were both so in awe of how down to earth and normal they really are. Money and success perhaps adds a different element to what others want and think you should be. I think it’s cool to have a zoo at your home. If your amazed with animals and can afford to endure imagination to reality why not?! I think it’s even cooler that you can walk across your lawn and hop on a rollercoaster. What’s wrong with that? The answer lies in broke peoples minds. When you have no imagination whatsoever you are not living whatsoever! The footage showed Michael having water balloon fights with Janet and Mccully Culkin which was fun to watch. The guy was a big kid. The videos captured our attention from beginning to end. The Jacksons knew their talents and they capitalized. Other great moments were when the family went south to visit their grandparents and you instantly knew where the real talent came from because the grandparents were atleast 70 and they were getting drunk off corn liquor and dancing all night to their own tune. So fun! My favorite video was when Elizabeth Taylor decided to surprise Michael at his ranch with an elephant. A freaking elephant. Super HOt! Did I mention she landed on the ranch in her personal helicopter. So dope and So bossy Liz! To her surprise Michael had a surprise waiting for her as well in his home. It was a handmade HUGE carpet/artwork of her face. It was beautiful. Elizabeth in her prime. She loved it so much she said she was going to build a home just for the picture. Again that’s so hot! To my surprise I fell in LoVe with Michael. Not at all because of the fame or the material things but because of the inner genius. He believed in his craft and only sought to perfect it! He consumed himself into his world and it showed in his work. It was also an amazing delight to know that dude shops at the SALVATION ARMY!!! OMG I LOVE IT! I use to have many battles with my friends and mostly with my babe for shopping at the Salvation Army. My friends never wanted to go in with me and my babe never wanted me to come home with clothes that smelled like moth balls LOL but I absolutely freaking LOVE the Salvation Army. Others trash can always be your treasure and you NEVER know what you will find. I have amazing leathers, scarfs, belts, jewelry, you name it … all from the salvation army. To my surprise again my babe loves the idea and after seeing how dope Michael’s jackets are he wants me to keep an eye out for him one 🙂 That’s if I don’t wanna keep it for myself. 


Punk Glamour God: Stephen Sprouse

We all LoVe fashion for many different reasons. Some like to indulge themselves completely into designer items because thats the ‘cool’ thing to do & some do it because their extremely passionate about the craft and absolutely respect the genius behind it. Some can go to target and buy the designers collection there and some can only shop at Barney’s. Some can mix n match bargain very well with high end and you could never decipher the two. I would like to consider myself as All of the above except for only shopping Barneys LOL. As a stylist, designer, and personal shopper I wanted to express my genuine passion behind my fashion mission in life. I completely admire, respect, and appreciate the thought, the creativity, the effort that artists put into their collections all across the board. I will splurge on an item because I absolutely understand the craft not because everyone and their mama is rocking it 🙂 When I purchase something I consider it art. I can literally lay out some of my shoes and stare at them all day just shaking my head with excitement. I long for the day that people get this same thrill from my collection. I mean nationwide success!  I mean having my boo dj my first fashion show in front of all my friends, family, and fans 🙂 Age has now become a number to me. What matters more is accomplishments & regardless of the sweat & tears I’m so ready to begin my destiny on another level! Today I spent my morning reading editorial on Stephen Sprouse at Barnes & Nobles. Whenever I go into Barnes & Nobles I’m immediately inspired. I read the backgrounds on designers and I always get goosebumps. Sometimes I tear up from understanding their passion and the want to constantly express themselves creatively. Like right now I seriously feel like throwing paint out of my window just to see what image it makes on the concrete. Or maybe I’ll take some lipstick and scribble all over canvas and frame it. For those who don’t know who Stephen Sprouse is I included brief history on what captured the artist. He was a graffiti king on clothing. Pop art meets fashion! Some of you are probably more familiar with his recent teamwork with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. Stephen is no longer alive but his work still lives on….

In 1996, Sprouse won the rights to use Warhol’s imagery on his clothing, which led to a deal with Staff International, an Italian company whose stable of designers included Vivienne Westwood. Sprouse returned to the runway in the fall of 1997 with a collection that paid homage to Warhol: Models wore the artist’s vivid Pop images on dresses and baggy raver-style pants. But when Staff was later bought out by another company, Sprouse’s license wasn’t renewed—a cruel irony, as fashion was then experiencing a retro-eighties moment and Sprouse’s designs were fetching high prices at vintage stores.

In the summer of 2000, Marc Jacobs asked Sprouse to go to Paris to help with his spring collection for Louis Vuitton. Jacobs, who’d known Sprouse from his own club days, had long been a fan, and arranged for him to stay at the Ritz, where Sprouse, staring at TV static one night, came up with the idea of creating floral prints using huge digitized cabbage roses. But it was Sprouse’s graffiti bag, on which he’d written, in raw painted lettering, louis vuitton paris, that became the big hit, with long waiting lists. Sprouse confided to Boud that even he couldn’t get one. Months later, he could—on Canal Street, where counterfeiters were selling them by the hundreds. “At least the knockoffs were expensive,” says Boud. “Other bags by other designers were selling for $20; his were $90.” Friends bought the standard LV knockoffs and asked Sprouse to paint graffiti on them.

Style Scope: Leo

star_leo_scopeFriends will be flocking around your fashion foresight this week. Share your sartorial sense by helping them stand out for spring. But with all your socializing, don’t forget to spend some time with your special sweetheart, too, because your boyfriend will be in particular need of you this week. Plan accordingly!

Teen Vogue



In 2009, you find yourself connecting with people effortlessly as your warm-hearted actions are acknowledged and radiated back to you in a way you’ve never experienced before. The confident joy and happiness you freely give to others gives you the innate ability to be productive. For you, kind actions are the way to transformation and success.

This is a perfect time for proud Leo, because you have the desire, drive and power to help society. You realize there’s work to do, and you’ll give a helping hand wherever you can. You are ready to align yourself with a higher level of awareness, and exhibit a regenerative attitude is about reaping the harvest by submitting to the larger purpose. What you are able to give to others directly reflects the transformation happening within you.

Your heart is in the right place, and you are likely to accomplish all that you set out to do this year. You’re developing excellent skills in your own personal transformation process, and you are ready to make the conscious decision to be the best you can be. You feel secure, and the beauty of who you are shines through easily and effortlessly.

First day of Spring…….

………ANd IT SNOWS!!!!! WTF? Only in New York is spring introduced with SnOW!  I freaking LoVe this city! Been telling my mom since I started riding a big wheel that when I grew up I was going to move here. My dream did come true 🙂 but I didn’t know the icing on my cake was gonna be frost bitten when it should be flowers blooming and birds singing. I guess I gotta go back to the “A” for that because I know all my homeys is rocking a fresh pedicure with their open toes while we match the Uggs with layers of leggings. Again I LoVe this freaking city but winter’s make you either wanna take out a massive loan to invest in a vacation spot so you can fly south with the birds or shoot yourself when you awake on the first day of spring to some damn snow. Again I LoVe this city! Winter is for sure GrInD time. If you can make it here hell you can probably survive on death row. The label or the jail time 🙂 Well the way Suge getting knocked out these days it should be called PUSSROW! How you gone  be all hard when Pac is alive and now every other night your ass kissing the pavement. So not gangsta! So not gangsta! The sun did finally come out by the end of the day but don’t let that fool you it was still chillay. I know how to spell chilly but I want you to say Chillay (chill.lay) 🙂 I’m trying to figure out the moral of this post. Oh only in NY 🙂 Thats the moral! Only in NY!

OMG! Women are the new MEN!

And some men have become BiTch’s!!!!! I’m really starting to think I need to break out the patent leather hot pink jimmy choo platforms and pass them along to some of these dudes because they have so lost their balls! Like is it an epidemic of weak dudes? Or maybe it’s because so many women are becoming empowered with knowledge and independently taking care of business that the standards for men have been raised. And  that means now unless these dudes are pharaohs or gods they stand a small chance of winning a catfight with most present day ladies. Actually forget bringing out the claws these dudes is running before you can even vaseline the face. Are men born insecure and we as ladies have to build their manhood? No seriously I wanna know. Because maybe instead of passing along the jimmy choos I may have to invest in the Tampax Pearl value pack. You know the ones that provide you with light to heavy days! Please dude stick a tampon in your ass and see what it really feels like to be a bitch! I’m sorry I gotta go in on this one! If Octomom can be fertilized with a million kids that alone means women you can damn near pick who the father should be without dealing with all the bullshit that comes along! Damn I’m snapping! I’ve also heard about the “rabbit” 🙂 ….you know the gadget that brings personal pleasure. 🙂 So again there’s sperm banks and factory made penises that alone makes a statement! I mean men can’t go to the store and say “Hey sir can you ring me up for one rubber vagina?” Wait I may have to research that before I continue talking shit LOL it is 2009 they probably making walking clitoris’s as we speak 🙂 but you get my point. And what’s the percentage of bitch dudes copping out on their families leaving the women as single moms?!? No wonder we were giving the ability to reproduce because you can’t have 2 bitch’s crying at birth. Only the newborn should come out whining so stop bitching dude!!! I gotta keep going!….In the ten commandments the first should be….1.If born with a Penis thou shall ALWAYS remain a MAN! I’m not talking about being gay. I like my diva boys. They get a pass! I’m talking about MANHOOD! Dudes that claim to be MeN when actually they crawl up in the fetus position when its time to MAN UP! Where your balls be boy? You tucking them?!?!?!?! They aint tucked when you need pleasure huh. Nah they come right out! Hanging all low. Pull them shits up LOL  Damn I’m snapping!!  What else…..Oh Metrosexual means just that dog!! Check your sexuality! There’s no such thing. You either MASCULINE or FEMININE no IN-Between. Whoever made up that term is a BITCH trying to reason why their side of the vanity is fuller than yours. CAuse you a bitch dog thats why! You wanna borrow the hot pink lipglass to go with the hot pink platforms too? I’ll even throw in a leopard leotard so you can rock out son! You have just been styled with a box of tampons to go! Hows that BIOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S I’m not talking about anyone specific 🙂 I just wanted you guys to know I can go to war with words 🙂 So don’t F$$$ with me!!!!!! That’s the beauty of blogging BabY! I can say whatever the F$$$ I wanna say and you can’t stop me 🙂 This that 10% hate I said I had 🙂 I feel better now 🙂 The peach in me is back now!  🙂 Love you too!!!

Shop your Closet

24493894My last post inspired to me for this one….

I use to work at Saks Fifth and there’s absolutely no way to shop your closet working there because all you want to do is shop Saks 🙂 I don’t  ever recall taking home a complete paycheck. Thats ALWAYS the case when you work in a retail environment around designer duds you LoVe! It’s a complete set-up for all fashionistas 🙂 It’s a trick LOL. I fell victim day one. It actually was so horrible that I literally only went to work to shop. Aside from the fact that I was a personal shopper for premier clients I became my own premier client LOL I was consumed into this world. It’s just like Crack man. Once you walk in your first pair of Gucci’s or carry your first Louis its pretty much a wrap! There’s no coming back! Your an addict now! You feel different! You look different! You walk different. Hell some bitch’s act different. You get my point 🙂 It wasn’t until I was no longer in that environment when I started to put shopping into perspective. I mean I would shop for the hell of it. Everyday! I had to have something new even if it was a pair of socks LOL I started to realize that seasons would change and I still had shit with tags on them. So not cool! Such a waste of money because unless it’s a super fab item once the season change your not gonna rock it. So I became a smart shopper. It takes experience and maturity to get to becoming a ‘smart shopper’. I now enjoy the luxury of being full-filled with my closet. Now this does not at all mean that I’m going to STOP shopping. Oh hell NO! You’ve seen my posts! I’m in LOVE with Fashion 🙂 But I’m more in LoVe with MoNey and I can’t continue to buy items unless I’m absolutely going to wear the them. So now I shop when it’s time for me to go somewhere. I figure out my mood for the event. I examine my closet too see if I have any items to fit my mood for the particular event and whatever I DO NOT have I then go purchase. THAT SIMPLE 🙂 instead of buying a bunch of bullshit that I’m never gonna wear!

Does carrying a fake make you a fake?

Pulled from

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times this week about a study conducted by Duke/MIT professor that may color the ongoing fakes debate.

The basic idea behind Professor Dan Ariely’s study,Faking It: The Psychology of Dishonesty and Counterfeits, is that if you do it once (buy a knockoff), you’ll do it again, and it doesn’t just affect your style but your behavior as well. “The effect on morality, people don’t anticipate,” says Ariely. Harsh? Yes. So let’s take a look at the experiment:

Ariely took 250 people and split them into groups of two, giving each one the same pair of “designer” sunglasses. He then told one group their new sunnies were faux, and the other group that theirs were real. Everyone was then given the same math test. Out of those who were wearing the counterfeit glasses, 60% cheated on their test. But for those who were sporting the real deal, only 20% stooped to cheating. (And this was just one of a few different mini-experiments he used to gather his data.)

In my opinion: I’m not commenting on wether or not I or you should carry a fake, but more on the attitude behind it. To each is own in the ‘knockoff ‘ department. After all the economy isn’t in the best financial state. However just like telling a lie. You kinda feel bad afterwards but not so bad during or vice-versa 🙂  But if you have confidence you can pretty much pull anything off but it for SURE takes confidence to pull off a Knock -Off. Some get away with it quite well and others fail miserably. The ones that fail are indeed happy to have LV printed on something and they have convinced themselves that its genuine LOL. The successful ones know it’s FAKE and their gonna try their hardest to rock it HoT!

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