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Soul Sista!

Beyonce is featured on the new cover of Ebony Magazine and she looks “genuine”. I always love this hair look on her because it makes her feel real compared to some of the other stiff styles. I don’t mean stiff in a wack way I mean stiff in a strong, emphasized, structured way ๐Ÿ™‚ The natural look works very well on her. I’ve learned that sometimes more makeup, bigger hair, and extremely extended lashes can sometimes make us beautiful women look like you know…..dragqueens. No offense to dragqueens! No offense at all! Their fierce ๐Ÿ™‚ But back to Mrs. B! Great Look!ย 



From the words of Vibes Editor Danyel Smith, “I’m so glad Fresh is back! Fresh is not about logos! Fresh is not about Fitting In! Fresh is about putting all the ingredients together and coming up with something ORIGINAL! Something that Pops! Something that Sreams INDIVIDUAL! Fresh stays out late and still rises with the doves!”. From the words of me ………………………….. ” Are you FRESH?!?!”

Egotistic Image Improvement

I have always been a fan of Keychia Cole’s music but not always her style. Maybe it’s more funding from budgets that have influenced her new take on fashion, maybe a new stylist, or maybe her coming into her own as a woman. Whatever the change was she is for sure exuding confidence in her own skin and it is being reflected with her wardrobe choices. I love the new look and her image has had an Egotistic makeover! So much of a makeover that she is featured in the new Vibe Magazine Style Issue. Congrats Chica!ย 

Egotistic LOOK!

I’m loving Christina Milian new KING Magazine spread. She’s a beautiful girl and she’s not giving up on her music career. I wouldn’t call her a fashion icon because she does have a few fashion misses under her belt but she mastered my new swimsuit preference. The ONE- PIECE! I’m so looking forward to shopping one-pieces this beach season ๐Ÿ™‚ If you keep this look going girl you may get that deal that works in your favor!

Egotistic Style Pair

Last week was Fashion Week here in NYC and this week the events take place in London. And it doesn’t surprise me that Kanye was going to be attending front row in both cities. He has been spotted at these shows with a new lady accompanying him. It also doesn’t surprise me that she has a flair for fashion and a unique face to compliment her eclectic look. Her name is Amber Rose and although most sites are bringing her up vixen image to downplay her style , I on the other hand LOVE her look! It also wouldn’t surprise me if Kanye personally styles her LOL I’m sure they share accessories. No pun intended Lmao! Whatever it is they share one things for sure is they are one dope pair. Wether it’s a temporary fix or a permanent marker I look forward to seeing more style from this Egotistic Pair!ย 


I can’t help but notice the new Louis Vuitton ad campaign featuring Madonna. This ad comes from Louis Vuittons “Where Will Life Take You?” television and print ads. To ask the question “Where Will Life Take You?” and have Madonna as the face answering that question is “GENIUS”! She has hugely impacted music and fashion for over two decades. She is an Icon of constantly reinventing herself throughout her career. At the age of 50 she can dance in 6 inch stilettos. Wow! That’s a reason to be iconic ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Madonna is a true example of where life can take you! She looks fierce in the ads! Love the shoes!

Last night I dreamed of………

SHOES!!!! ย I really did LOL! My homegirl and I were on checking out New Arrivals for Spring and current sale merchandise that can carry into Spring. I never order clothing offline. Shoes are a must! I am looking for collectors editions LOL. I’m starting to become really proud of my shoe game and clearly if I’m having dreams then I’m an addict. Cmon I know you feel my pain. It’s painful because when your addicted to something (and we ALL have addictions) and you can’t have it at the moment you start to have withdrawals. My withdrawal has forced me to start dreaming. I’m posting the shoes I dreamed about due to!ย 


Be My Valentine

Each day as I get older seems to be more precious. I have a great appreciation for romance and passion that there is to endure in a lifetime. Beauty comes in all forms, aspects, shapes, and sizes. This Valentines Day my motto was to “expect the unexpected”. I awake in a loving mood. I started my day with a manicure, pedicure, and eyebrow threading. Nothing is more precious than having relaxing quality time with yourself. I listened to my ipod and enjoyed some ‘me time’ on this day. I then went to Bath & Body Works to pick up a girlie gifts for my girlie friends in which I bought matching things for myself for us to have together. I purchased a red patent lip shaped keychain that says “Mmuuaahh Sexy Mama” when you press it. ย Super cute! I also bought a black patent lipgloss holder for the handbag to keep the lipgloss poppin and contained. ๐Ÿ™‚ They easily get lost in the bag. ย Lastly from this store was travel hand lotion for the hang bag as well. Hands are always ashy. I then proceeded to pick up something for my sweetie. For the first time I free styled what to get for him and I wanted to keep it simple and sweet. I picked up matching mugs for the home. His says “Kiss me” because I love when I receive kisses from him and mine says “Hugs and xoxo”. Perfect matches for us both. When I arrived at the apartment to my surprise we both presented each other with fake roses. I guess GREAT minds think alike. I bought one big fake one to symbolize us never dying. It will always be with us. After he gave me my fake ones he then surprised me with real ones ๐Ÿ™‚ So sweet. Candles were lit so the ambiance was amazing. Waiting for me at our bar was my favorite chicken salad ready to eat. So thoughtful! He then told me that I can’t eat the entire salad because we had dinner reservations. Dinner was great. We experienced a Cuban Valentine ๐Ÿ™‚ We listened to cuban music while cuban cigars were being rolled while eating great cuban cuisine. The Valentine package included a three course meal (appetizer, main entree, and dessert) sangria and a champagne toast which was also greeted with a rose. We ordered calamari served with sweet plantains as our appetizer. Super Delicious! Sweet stuffed chicken with spinach and special cuban sauce and Empanaditas served with cherry sauce and icecream for dessert.Yummy! We met and conversed with cool peeps. It was our first Valentines in the city and it will always remain in my heart. It was a different experience and completely unexpected. Sometimes “Expecting the Unexpected” leads to a full filled night ๐Ÿ™‚ย 


Dear Ego,

Patience is a VIRTUE!! Sometimes I ask myself “Why do I experience certain things in life?”, and immediately after asking myself my Ego puts me back in check! Sometimes I ask God “What am I doing wrong to full fill my dreams, goals, and expectations in life?”, and my Ego puts me back in check! Sometimes I ask myself “Why when I’ve been dedicating the last 8 years of my life REACHING, STRIVING, SEARCHING, and figuring out is there a possibility that I should be somewhere I’m not?”, and my Ego puts me back in check! I’ve always been honest with myself and that won’t stop today! So today to be honest Patience is a Virtue and I won’t continue to question myself I will only continue to follow my lead because my EGO told me so!!!!!

Shoe.Gasm 2

Today in my Gmail I received a message from one of my male mentors with an image of these banging Sergio Rossi shoes. His exact words were “Nicole this shoe is so you!”. I proceeded to start envisioning what I could wear with them but then I had a HUGE reality check. His message did not say “Nicole I have sent you this shoe”. So I quickly replied and told him that I greatly appreciate him one thinking of me and knowing my style and two for enlightening me on a sexy shoe but lastly three NEVER send a woman pictures of shoes unless your sending them ๐Ÿ™‚ As much as I love him and I know he’s going to read this a sistah has to keep it real! I have just been teased but like I said from my first Shoegasm post there’s always a BUT ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe he will strongly consider my advice and if ย I’m lucky they may be in the mail soon ๐Ÿ™‚ย 


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