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To tell or NOT to tell?!?

This morning I was taking my adopted lil sister to school and we were listening to “Big Boy’s” Morning show on the radio. This morning’s topic was extremely striking. The topic was to reveal or not to reveal your amount of sexual partners when dating. It was actually rather interesting for me to listen to the different callers responses. Most people were of course saying that they would not tell due to reasons such as…..’I actually can’t recall the amount’ which for sure states that someone has gotten busy in their lifetime. Another was ‘I’m afraid of being judged’ again that states someone has gotten busy in their lifetime LOL. One other reason that I can recall for not telling was ‘The truth hurts’. Of all the callers I can honestly only recall one individual admitting to saying that they would tell and it also did not shock me that it was a Woman. For me it was so interesting because sexual experiences have been extremely limited in my life. I know I’m putting myself on blast but its not a secret to me nor am I embarrassed or ashamed to ever speak about the subject. I think that and I may be coming across as if I’m judging but I think if you can’t recall the number thats a problem 😦  The topic has been on my mind all day because then I ask myself have I been missing out on life? No seriously one must ask that. It’s always been something that I considered meaningful and both parties involved should care about each other because if you lay down with a dog you risk the chances of waking up with fleas and thats not a risk I ever wanted to take. When I speak of fleas I speak on many different aspects other than what you may think is the obvious! Again I ask have I missed out on something because only one individual that called would confess so that shows that the world is filled, consumed, and breeding sexual creatures! So am I the odd ball?!? Would you tell? If so would you be comfortable with the number? I would love to get feedback!!!!


Dames & Broads

One of my socialite home girl’s emailed me suggesting I check out and support another fab home girl’s blogsite and lingerie collection both called Dames & Broads. I absolutely love when Women invest into themselves and have the confidence to promote their vision. I would be doing a disservice to myself, you as the readers, and her if I did not list this super cute and super bossy lady site. Check it out for the lingerie collection and to keep up with the current broads of the month. Her montly feature is Lady Gaga. A great boss lady and I actually just learned more about the vixen by visiting the site. Check it out and support. I’m also listing my fave items from the collection.  Her supporting slogan is Love, Life, & Lingerie. Super cute!

I am KING!

“Praise the LORD, you His angels, you mighty ones who do His bidding, who obey His Word” (Psalm 103:20, NIV).

Today’s Word 

Did you know that when you speak words of faith, angels are commissioned to move on your behalf? The Scripture tells us that God gives His angels charge over us. That means, when God hears you declaring His Word, He says to the angels, “Do you hear what my child is saying? They are speaking faith. Angels, I have an assignment for you. Go down there and begin to turn the situation around.” And the angels obey His Word!

If we could pull back the curtain on the unseen spiritual realm, we would see a host of angels and heavenly beings watching over us. That´s why it´s so important to guard what we say because with our words we either open a door for God and His angels to move on our behalf, or we open a door for the enemy and the forces of darkness.

Make the decision today to only speak words of faith and life over you, your home, and your family. Declare God´s Word and His promises and let your words set the angels into motion to help you fulfill the destiny God has planned for you!

A Prayer for Today

Father in heaven, thank You for calling and equipping me. Thank You for giving Your angels charge over me to protect and guide me. I will declare Your Word over my life and choose to honor You in all I do. In Jesus´ Name. Amen.

Bringing Sexy Back!

Damn I been so focused on my grind that your girl actually forgot what she working with LOL. Me & my Egotistic home girl have been having a blast riding round in that new Jag Coupe trying to dodge the potholes of Manhattan! What we haven’t dodged is a Great Eat. Last night we hit up Buddakan followed by the sexy Gansevoort Hotel for drinks. Good Times!


The Epitome of Egotistic

As women we all have certain issues that we must deal with in order to further develop ourselves and to grow as an individual. I’ve been dealing the the stress of wanting more out of life and trying to educate myself on the things needed to make me a better Woman. This entire Winter I have been dedicating myself to completely grow and to direct my attention to making sure that I stay focused on what is important to prospering in life. I have Never been a dependent person so the idea of knowing that at times I may need some emotional support from my companion did keep me strong. I dedicate myself in Life aside from trying to be as motivated as possible I also try my hardest  to nurture, protect, care, uplift, encourage, and motivate ALL people who are closest to me but more importantly I do this most with my companion. I may have to ask myself have I been so supportive emotionally, physically, and financially for a person that I lost track of who I am as a person. Because of this I have spent my entire Winter focusing on not only developing myself as a Woman assisting in the development of my companion. I have not been out of  the house at all this winter except to go to the store to prepare meals for my family, to buy fashion editorial to stay inspired, or maybe to catch a movie that can enlighten me on life. I’ve had four interviews throughout the entire Winter. Three of which I can write another post to explain the pro’s & con’s of those. There is one however that I am waiting to hear from and God i beg of you to allow this to come through. Aside from developing Egotistic I need extra income to dedicate my attention on the company & my well being. My dear friend decided it was time for me to get dressed up to reming myself of the beautiful individual that I am and we had a wonderful night out on the town. For you Charlie. I thank you!

Fly Like A Bird!

I’m in such a great mood! Today I have a natural high! No added substance needed! Robin Thicke is playing from the itunes. Fresh out the shower from a great mornings workout. I prepared me some good ole country maple bacon, scrambled cheese eggs, & some grits and I feel FREE!! No testosterone around to annoy me. It’s me, my pad, & my COCO ( my mini dachshund). My mind is Free! My soul is Free! My body is Free! I said my morning prayers so my heart is Free! Free to love! Free to be me! Free to Move! Free to dance! Free to Sing! Free to Create! Free to Write! Free to Fly like a Bird!!!

I feel Ya KANYE!

This snippet was taken from Bossip; A blog site that contributes to celebrity gossip.

Bossip: Yeezy, what makes a man sexy to a woman?
Yeezy: In my situation as a single mogul and as a grown man, what should make a guy sexy to a woman is the idea of security. Security and time are the sexiest things that you can give to a woman. The idea that you can spend time with them, and the idea that they’re not gonna have to worry about anything; worry about you cheating. They’re not gonna have to worry about the light bill or the car bill. I think you can exude some of that in the way you dress. If you dress too silly, you look like you’re just playing around and you might not pay the bills.

Kanye you couldn’t have said it better! We as women find men sexier when we feel secure. It’s that simple dudes. Men who aren’t able to secure their women tend to call us ‘Gold diggers’ (To be clear I’ve never been called that LOL I know how to get my own!) when really it’s their insecurity of not being able to secure their women. Men want women to look good, cook, clean, and be there for mental & physical support (you know what I mean by physical lol) & we never complain! We try our best to live up to Mens standards. I can’t speak for ALL women because their are a lot of chicken heads (for lack of better words lol) in existence but I can speak for my kind. My point is Men lash out on Women when they can’t do their part to bring Women down. So ladies pay attention. Men are SUPPOSE to provide! Men pay attention. You are suppose to PROVIDE. Your family is not I repeat is not suppose to want for anything! If your woman at home is not giving you the physical or cooking for you chances are she don’t find you sexy & why? Kanye just said it! Attraction goes both ways guys! The same way you have expectations we as Women do too! If your wifey is laid in bed with sweat pants when you were hoping for a thong is the same turn off when we ask for something to be taken care of financially & it cant happen. Don’t hate the playa hate the game! Thats just the rules sweetie. I didn’t make them!!

P.S If this post got under your skin it’s because the TRUTH hurts & YOU cant handle the TRUTH! Women are b&*^%’s when they express themselves. EgotisticEgotism is MY world. MY outlet. Better this than the streets dog!I’m the Creative Director! I created this site to uplift, empower, & to encourage women ALL across the board. I don’t think about YOU when I speak! Stop taking everything personal or perhaps its YOUR own insecurities getting in the way!!!! There’s nothing you can say or do to bring me down! I’m already in the SKY!!! So high I just gave God a handshake!!! If it don’t apply to you then let it FLY!!!!!! Let It FLY!! That simple!


The weather has finally got the best of me 😦 I was really hoping I could get through this winter without getting sick. I always bundle up when I leave the house and I stopped running out right after hopping out the shower. I use to think it was a myth that you would catch a cold if your pores are open. That is a fact! So last night I could feel my sinuses flaring up & I knew I was headed for sickness. I took a hot bath & laid underneath my heated throw hoping I could sweat out my pain. I awoke this morning to an even worse feeling. I was completely weak! My lungs felt like they were drowned in fluid. Horrible feeling! I called my mom like always. I’ll be 50 still asking my mom what to do lol. She said “Baby go get some Theraflu & Alka Seltzer & It’ll knock it right out”. I said “Moma you know I’m not swallowing no Theraflu can you think of anything else?” So my babe was in the background saying “I’ll go get you some Castor Oil”. Castor Oil?!? WTF this is 2009 not 1960 Who the hell still takes Castor Oil to cure a cold?! LOL So he said I’ll be right back & to my surprise he came back with NYQUIL. Now people this medicine should be Illegal. I took the recommended dose for adults & I kid you not 10 minutes after swallowing I was in a coma. I awoke 4 hours later & I literally thought I was Marilyn Monroe. All that was missing was Vicodin on the nightstand. My mom called back and said “Baby I need you to watch Oprah. She’s talking about hormone imbalance”. I said “Moma I’m having a NYQUIL imbalance. Call me back in an hour to see if I’m still alive!’. It’s been 7 hours & I kid you not the Nyquil is just as strong as if I just took it. My entire body is numb. I can barely walk. One things for sure I’m not sick anymore. One dose knocked my entire cold out! Now I see why Lil Wayne be TWWIIISSSTTEEDDD!!! Dog how the hell do you do it? No for real?!? How do people really drink syrup? For those of you who don’t know syrup is a drink (actually I may need to call my hood friends & get the actual ingredients because I’m guessing right now) composed of cough medicine, alcohol, and maybe something else. The point is I’m on cloud 9 right now taking the recommended dose so peeps who drink SIZZUURRPP must be on PLUTO!!!!

Company Car

The Egotistic Team won’t be riding the SUBWAY son! We not catching cabs dog! We  definitly not damaging the soles of our stiletto’s! Were way too BOSSY for that! We riding round the city like CEOS do! No messaging service here! We will personally deliver anything in our Aston Martin V8 Vantage! The V8 Vantage is one of the worlds most beautiful cars (Fitting!), Yet with a controlled aggression (Fitting!), Perfectly proportioned with a low, purposeful stance (Fitting!);modern, yet incorporating Classic Aston Martin design cues (Fitting!). A stunning example of design purity. The Aston Martin has two distinct personalities ( Wow Fitting!! Alter Ego) 0-100km/h 62 mph in 4.9 seconds & maximum speed of 180 mph! POWER! BEAUTY! SOUL! SO FITTING!!! 

1.20.09 Best date in History!!!!

It’s Official AMERICA!!! Barack has been sworn in! OBAMA I love you for your courage & Michelle for your SUPPORT! When I see them my skin crawls because THey SAW,They BELIEVED, &  THEY CONQUERED!!!!! Against all doubts and adversity they PREVAILED!!!!!!! Change is on the rise! All barriers have been broken! Anything is possible for Anyone! Everything is possible for EVERYONE!  History has been made & the rest is HISTORY!! I love it!

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